Tarpon Spec Sheet

Digital Ocean's Tarpon is a rugged and complete solution for applications that require a mobile, powerful and flexible computing platform. Tarpon extends the benefits of the Newton platform by providing a host of communication options and other features in a durable design.

The Basics! A standard Tarpon is rugged, water-resistant, and backlit with or without wireless LAN communication capabilities. There is one Type II PC Card slot and a serial port for device interface including laser scanners, printers, badge readers, test and measurement equipment and other serial devices. A NiMH battery is provided offering 4-8 hours of battery life.

Software! Tarpon is specifically suited for your custom handheld applications including 2MB RAM for memory intensive conditions. The Newton OS provides an easy-to-use interface, incorporating software features such as drop down fields, check boxes, and popup menus as well as a greatly improved handwriting recognition engine. And Digital Ocean's software partners are ready to build Tarpon applications tailored to your specific requirements. Tarpon software includes a Control Panel that provides configuration options for special Tarpon features, including backlight and wireless LAN.

Wireless! Digital Ocean's secure wireless communications put information in the hands of workers when and where they need it, to help in accurate decision making, error reduction and productivity. Tarpon RF technology utilizes a 915 MHz Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum radio. Wireless LAN connectivity is the standard configuration, with available WWAN options for services such as CDPD.

Rugged! Ruggedization, water resistance and backlighting make the Tarpon ideal for outdoor, warehouse, poor visibility or other harsh conditions. The body is molded from Xenoy, a high strength plastic, with a Santoprene boot, enabling Tarpon to withstand a six foot drop to concrete.

Backlight! Tarpon has a brilliant backlight for easy reading in nighttime or low light situations. The backlight's dwell time and intensity may be easiliy adjusted using Tarpon's software Control Panel.

Custom! Contact Digital Ocean for any custom development needs that you may have. Current projects include GPS, CDPD/Amps service, voice-over-wireless-LAN, long-range LAN support as well as size reduction and component miniaturization.

Tarpon Specifications

Physical Characteristics

Length 10"
Width 4.5"
Height 2.5"
Weight 3 lbs. 3 oz.

Operating Environment

Temperature 32° to 104° F (0° to 45° C)
Storage temperature -4° to 117° F (-20° to 47°C)
Transit Temperature -4° to 149° F (-20° to 65°C)
Humidity 20 - 90%, non-condensing
Drop 6' to concrete

Radio - LAN

Frequency Band 902-928 MHz DSSS
Data Rate 2 Mbps raw throughput
Bit Error Rate 10-8
Transmit Power 250 mW
Antenna Dual Diversity
FCC Certification Class A
Range up to 500 feet

Communications Specifications

Tarpon Intelligence

- AppleTalk ADSP or AppleTalk DDP-based Grouper Administrative Protocol is supported on the wireless port and the LocalTalk/Serial port
- An administrative protocol allows: configuration of communication controller operating parameters and monitoring of communication controller operational status and statistics

- recognizes handwriting-printed, cursive, or a mixture of the two-with the assistance of a 13,000 word built-in word list
- 3 pop-up keyboards: typewriter, numeric, and phonepad

- Object-oriented database stores, finds, and links information and provides a flexible view of this data
- easy creation of custom applications via the flexible graphical view toolbox
- easy data sharing across applications

- provides single interface for all communication services
- supports easy communications with minimum setup requirements
- supports new communications capabilities through its modular design

- helps user complete repetitive tasks in multiple categories, including communications, scheduling, finding, and reminding functions
- contains smart defaults to reduce complexity
- works in and between applications
- supports extensions by third-party developers

- ARM 610 RISC processor at 20 Mhz
- Apple custom system ASIC
- Low-power, transflective backlit LCD display (320 by 240 pixels) 3.8 in. by 2.8 in. (9.6 cm by 7.2 cm)
- 4 MB ROM, upgradable
- 678K of system RAM; 1,361K of nonvolatile user RAM
- PC Card slot: Type II with 325 mA capacity
- LocalTalk and RS-232-compatible serial port

- 68dB spL 1Khz 1m

Power Requirements

- Battery pack, NiMH, 2400mAH (4-8 hour life)
- Lithium cell: DL2032 (Newton)
- AC power adapter

Printer Support


- Full duplex, bi-directional, voice communication over WLAN 300-3000 Hz bandwidth. Requires external input source. Call for availablilty

- A Tarpon with GPS (Global Positioning System) enables signals to be received by the Tarpon from orbiting satellites. Geographic data is available to within 100 meters. Call for availability.

- Tarpon with CDPD (Cellular Digital Packet Data) communicates over a wireless wide-area cellular network. CDPD is supported in most major cities. Call for availability.