Segway Inc.'s Personal/Human Transporter (PT or HT) models

iBot Picture
Not a Segway but rather an older sibling of the Segway HT is the
DEKA iBOT (Independence iBOT Mobility Series) black-color (Software/OS 10-14.1)
Announced 6/99, Released 12/03, Currently @iBOT 4000 model

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The idea & development of the PT/HT

i167 Picture
Segway HT i167 (i Series) Titanium-color (OS 10-14.1)
Announced 12/01, Commercial Sale 12/03/01, Public Sale 11/18/02, Shipped 3/03, Discontinued 10/04

e167 Picture
Segway HT e167 (e Series) Titanium-color with "e Stand" (OS 10-14.1)
Released 6/03, Discontinued 1/05

p133 Picture
Segway HT p133 (p Series) Titanium-color (OS 12-14.1)
Released 10/03, Discontinued 8/06

i170 Picture
Segway HT i170 (i Series) "Midnight Blue"-color (OS 12-14.1)
Released 6/07/04, Discontinued 3/05

RMP Picture
Segway RMP (RMP Series) titanium-color Robot Mobility Platform (OS 12-14.1)
Released 10/04

i180 Picturei180 Picturei180 Picture
Segway HT i180 (i Series) Red, Yellow and Midnight Blue-colors with NiMH or Lithium batteries (OS 14.1)
Released 3/05, Discontinued 8/06

GT Picture
Segway GT (i Series) black-color "Golf Transporter" with Lithium batteries (OS 14.1)
Released 3/05, Discontinued 8/06

GT Picture
Segway XT (i Series) black-color "Cross Terrain" with Lithium batteries (OS 14.1)
Released 3/05, Discontinued 8/06

Centaur & P-Bot Picture
Segway Centaur (ATV? Series)     WowWee Toy (w/Smart Motion)      PUMA Experimental Vehicle
Announced 10/04, Not Yet Released     Announced 10/05, Not Yet Released    Announced 4/09, Not Yet Released

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Segway PT i2 and x2 Picture
Segway PT (i2 Series)             Segway PT (x2 Series)
Released 8/06            Released 8/06

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Segway Ninebots
Segway E (Ninebot Series)             Segway Mini (Ninebot Series)             Segway PTR (Ninebot Series)
Released 2015 (In April 2015 Chinese company Ninebot acquired/merged with Segway Inc.)

Code Name Ginger Book cover
WANT TO LEARN MORE? Read a wonderful book "Code Name Ginger" by Steve Kemper (here's an excerpt), watch the "Made In America" TV show when they visit Segway LLC (7 min, 4.7 MB), or watch the "How It's Made" TV show when they build a Segway (5 min, 3.3 MB).

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