In summer 2009 MSU CF Lab Interns were working on a range of research projects from pathogenic bacteria to sterile cell culture with techniques of PCR & microphysiometry.
CF lab photos 2009
Mike Haenisch (left) is working  on his laptop
Vincent, Olivia, Jayme and David (right to left)
Somebody has a solid notebook
Jayme Olsen and Vincent Cracolici plan today PCR
David Maison (near camera) works on PCR research
Jayme and Vincent are still planning
Olivia checks to see if cell culture media is warm yet
Jayme Olsen and Olivia Shull were the cell culture gurus
Vincent is an expert tube labeler
Mitch Wood is planning oligo-directed mutagenesis
Olivia and Jayme have been freezing back new cell lines