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Apple Computer discontinues Newton Development.
The Newton is dead, long live Newton! (MSNUG becomes MSPUG)


Newton SIG Campus

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General Newton Information

'Frequently Asked Questions'
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Online Newton Information & Discussions
  1. Pen Computing: the best published Newton magazine in bookstores.
  2. PDA Dispatch! great news/rumors and software.
  3. comp.sys.newton.misc an internet newton newsgroup.
  4. NewtNews the original Newton Newsletter site
  5. comp.sys.newton.announce newsgroup for official announcements.
  6. comp.sys.newton.programmer newsgroup for programming info.
  7. comp.sys.pen newsgroup for the latest PDA info.
  8. The ULTIMATE Newton site (by Rob Bruce) -Neat place!.
  9. NEWTON REFERENCE page An amazing Newton Webpage.

Newton Freeware/Shareware Sources
  1. AMUG ftp site 1 Arizona MUG's Newton Software Archive Site.
  2. German AMUG mirror
  3. UK AMUG Mirror (and other Newton mirrors).
  4. newton.uah.edu Huntsville's newton archives site via Tennesse Valley Newton User Group (TVNUG)
  5. Newton Intelligence - Large Newton software archive; need have a hotline client or URL with password.

LINKS to other Newton-related User Group sites.

Create your own software...
With any of these programs you'll be able to start writing your first Newton applications.

A Sampling of Newton Programmers/Companies' Web Pages

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