(September 9, 1997: an email letter from Steve Jobs to Adam Tow concerning the future of newton and why Newton Inc was reabsorbed back into Apple Computer)

Tow: "I emailed Steve Jobs this past weekend and received the following response from him concerning the future of Newton:"
        The Emate has a bright future - and it is for this reason
        that I am pulling it back into Apple -which has the resouces
        to market and sell it much more broadly.  You can imagine
        that a small spin-off company would not have such a large
        sales force or marketing budget.  With the appropriate
        investments in sales and marketing, we hope that the Emate
        can become a great success.
        We are a little more confused about the MessagePad.  Since
        it costs more ($1K or more vs $700-799 for the Emate) and
        has no keyboard, its market seems more limited than the
        Emate.  However, sales of the current MessagePad are brisk,
        so who knows...  What do you think?
        Don't worry - we are pulling this group back into Apple so
        that we can invest even more sales and marketing resources
        into these products, rather than dumping the products into a
        small spin-off which lacks such resources.