MessagePad 2100/2000 with OS 2.1
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MessagePad 2000
Gallery Commentary

    The release of the Newton MessagePad 2000 brought a true revolution to the Newton's hardware configuration and form factor. The recent upgrade to the MessagePad 2100 has quadrupled the RAM (now 4MB) available for system resources to play in! The 2000/2100 series has an ECL backlit screen like the MP130 but with twice the number of pixels (480 x 320 vs. previous model's 320 x 240) in a 20% increase in screen dimensions resulting in a high resolution display (100 dpi vs. 85 dpi). It also propelled the newton from being just black and white pixels to 16 level grayscale pixels. The most amazing development is clearly its CPU chip. It has a 162 MHz StrongARM 110 RISC chip that puts out 150 MIPS (@400 MIPS/watt). The previous newtons all had 20 MHz ARM RISC chips that ran at 15 MIPS (1/10 th the speed) and 100 MIPS/watt thus using 4 times as much power. The net result of the StrongARM chip is an unbelievable ten fold increase in speed with 1/4 the power usage. This is ideal for a handheld device and gives the new newton weeks to months of battery life. This is one insanely great computer! I think Steve Capps would be proud of the hardware, yet he would want a tiny MessagePad too.

Original Product Specifications Announcement (1996)

Now, with the Apple MessagePad 2000 handheld computer you don't have to lug a heavy laptop around anymore [click here to play a MP2000 animation (33k)]. That's because this small wonder weighs under a pound and a half, yet puts all the business applications you need-word processor, spreadsheet, datebook, contacts, and to-do lists-at your fingertips.

Slip a modem into one of its two PC Card slots, and you can send and receive e-mail and faxes, and connect to the Internet or an intranet. You can even pair the MessagePad 2000 with your cellular phone or wireless modem, and connect from virtually anywhere.

In terms of speed, the new StrongARM processor in the MessagePad 2000 allows it to run up to 10 times faster than any previous model. It also includes more memory. The backlit screen-larger than that of any other MessagePad-displays sharp graphics in 16 levels of gray at 100 dots per inch. And the internal microphone and speaker allow you to record and playback voice notes.

The MessagePad 2000 includes all the cables and software you need to connect to your Mac OS- or Windows software-based computer. It lets you import and export data for use with most popular personal computer software programs, and make backups.

But probably the best news for busy professionals on the move is that the MessagePad 2000 can deliver over 24 hours of continuous battery life. So no matter where or how you're traveling, the MessagePad 2000 is the smart choice for staying connected, and for putting critical information at your fingertips when you need it.

Built-in organization functions

  • Includes business software programs: word processor, e-mail, World Wide Web browser, and spreadsheet 
  • Allows freeform notes, outlines, lists, and phone logs 
  • Helps you plan activities using the calendar, and manage priorities using the To Do List 
  • Includes customizable name and address files 
  • Offers productivity tools such as time-zone maps, a calculator, and currency exchange 

Built-in communications

  • Includes Internet access through TCP/IP, PPP, SLIP, PAP, and CHAP protocols, and a World Wide Web browser 
  • Imports and exports data, installs software, and backs up files with your personal computer using the included Newton Connection Utilities 
  • Can send and receive faxes and electronic mail using an optional wired or wireless modem 
  • Prints formatted letters and notes using Apple printers, IrDA printers, and serial or parallel printers with the optional Print Pack 
  • Lets you beam notes, messages, packages, schedules, and business cards via built-in infrared communications 
  • Assists you in making phone calls, finding information, and sending and receiving e-mail and faxes 

Expandable functions

  • Contains two slots for PC Card peripherals such as modems, pagers, wireless communicators, and storage cards 
  • Includes a serial port for connecting to personal computers, printers, the Newton Keyboard, or external modems 
  • Supports a variety of third-party productivity, finance, time and billing, and information management software 

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Technical Specifications

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