Motorola's 'Marco' Wireless Communicator

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Gallery Commentary

     Motorola wanted to jump on the PDA bandwagon but couldn't decide which was better the Newton OS or the very interesting Magic Cap OS. After much debate they decided to release two devices one using each. Both devices came with built-in wireless modems that could access national networks. What could be better than a Newton that was wireless! Well it was neat but really big and heavy and expensive to purchase as well as expensive to subscribe to the wireless services. In addition it was hindered by having only OS 1.3. Some Marcos are supposed to have been manufactured that were MP120s with 2.0 but thats just a rumor. After a year and a half the Marco's and Envoys (Magic Cap version) had only sold several thousand units and were discontinued and Motorola quietly left the Newton world.

Original Product Specifications (1995)


The Marco Wireless Communicator gives you a state-of-the-art communications system. Based on the acclaimed Newton® from Apple Computers, the Marco comes with all the personal information management tools developed by Apple. Any of the many programs developed for use on the Apple Newton can be used on the Motorola Marco. Users can send and receive messages, keep track of their schedules, access airline schedules, get stock quotes, and communicate with other wireless product users. Sales staff can submit orders from the customers location, and service staff can access product warranty and repair information.

With just a touch, you can e-mail, fax, contact your base computer, access on-line services or informations systems. The touch screen is trainable for handwriting recognition as well as a full character keyboard. The Marco is light, weighing approximately two pounds. It fix conveniently in a briefcase or purse. It fits conveniently in your hand. The Marco will interface with the serial port of your Apple personal computer, and has one Type II PCMCIA slot. It is also equipped with an Infrared Transceiver.

The Marco integrates two-way, wide-area wireless communications with the Newton operating platform. Without plugging into a phone line, the device allows users to:
* Exchange messages with their workgroups, or with the tens of millions of people connected to the Internet, including those connected to America Online, CompuServe, Prodigy and other public and LAN-based messaging systems with Internet gateways.
* Access company or industry-specific information using custom wireless applications available for the Marco product.
* Send wireless messages to fax machines.
* Receive wireless news and stock market updates. Marco provides desktop connectivity through the Newton Connection Kit.

Network Services:

* RadioMail; Connects users to anyone communicating on the Internet or via public e-mail services including America Online, CompuServe and Prodigy. Provides wireless store and forward mail system with gateways to the Internet and additional wireless news, quotes, fax and directory services.
* ARDIS PersonalMessaging; Wireless message exchange between PersonalMessaging users on communicators and desktop computers as well as wireless messaging to fax machines. Provides cost-effective and reliable communications to workgroups.

Application Solutions:

* SalesMate from KPMG Peat Marwick - makes order entry, inventory query and new product information accessible through the Marco device.
* SkyDispatch from SkyNotes - serves as a field service person's electronic clipboard for reporting time logs, job completion reports and troubleshooting information to a Lotus Notes database.
* bonds@hand from info@hand - delivers up-to-the-moment access to treasury certificate quotes and foreign exchange rates along with news and commentary.
* MobileVision from CE Software - provides an intelligent wireless remote client for CE Software's QuickMail mail system with future extensions to other e-mail systems and services.

Development Tools:

* Mobile App Builder from the Memphis Group - offers a multi-platform, scalable solution for remote data access and entry. Applications are created by graphically defining the user interface and then the developer only needs to write C or C++ code to access the required data. Writing NewtonScript is not necessary.
* Real World Solutions - Intelligent Mobile Server simplifies the development of mobile applications that access corporate data. Intelligent agents provide message routing, filtering, compression and security.The device features a portrait screen and provides users with 1MB of internal memory and a PCMCIA TypeII slot. Communication between devices is also supported via a Newton-compatible infrared port.